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Notebook. – “Free Smoke” (Remix)

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Notebook. – “Vanity”

Entire Project:

“Vanity” is Notebook.’s newest self-produced, self-engineered, and self-written release; a progressive Pop / Hip-Hop record, highly influenced by the likes of legendary artists like Prince and Michael Jackson, but even 80’s powerhouses like Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Tears for Fears, and more.

“Vanity” is a body of work that represents taking pride in what most would consider to be unacceptable, ugly, or obscure, and putting it all into the realm of Beauty.

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PFV & Notebook. – “For Granted”

PFV just unleashed the hardest track of 2016, featuring yours truly [Notebook.] on the third verse.  Signed Hard-Copies of Air WAVs can be grabbed here, which is a Double-Disc that contains our first joint-album Tidal WAVs as well.”